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Something better is our motto. All meals are plant based, cooked from scratch. Breakfast will be the biggest meal, and the third meal being the lightest. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a poor man.

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PRICES- Breakfast £10, Lunch £10 & Supper £7.Young children under 2 are free.Kids between 3 and 7 year olds would be £7 for breakfast and lunch, and £5 for supper. 


SUPPER Soup and bread.


BREAKFAST  Granola, fresh fruit, dried fruit, selection of plant milks, bread and spreads.

LUNCH Shepherds pie, salad, home made mayonnaise. 

SUPPER  Fruit and toast and spreads


BREAKFAST  Cornmeal porridge, cashew cream, fresh fruit, dried fruit, plant milks, bread and spreads.

LUNCH Oat ball in sauce with spiralized vegetables and baked potatoes 

SUPPER  Light soup, bread, spreads.


BREAKFAST  Scrambled Tofu, oat sausages and tomatoes, bread and spreads, choice of fruit. 

LUNCH   Lentil stew and rice with salad.

Please place  your orders or any special dietary requests via Phone or email.  

Tel:01570 493170 or 07907599098. Email- walesendtimesurvival@gmail.com

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''If the land is cultivated, it will, with the blessing of God, supply our necessities'' Ellen G. White