Accommodation on site is either in tents or in a caravan/RV.

Tent camping

Bring your own equipment and camp in the field. If you do not have your own tent we may have a few for hire. Portaloos will be available, but showers are limited. One quote says “but I wish now to say that all patients should keep out of doors as much as possible, and many will be benefited by sleeping in the open air.” PH095 19.5. So this is a healthy option.

Camping £80 up to 10th May. Per family i.e. parents and children up to age 17.



Caravan/RV. Bring your own and stay on site. No hookups available mind.


Off site Lodging

Off site £70 approx. up to 10th May. Per family i.e. parents and children up to age 17.

Stay off site in a B&B or holiday cottage nearby. Look for these online. Register just for the programme.

More infomation to follow


bath, shower, bathroom-1536473.jpg


In the future you may need to know how to take a free shower when living in the countryside. We will teach you how. We will build some cubicles, separate ones for women and men (we will show you how to do this when you are here). Bring a bucket and we will supply hot water from our wood burning Rayburn. Then use some water to wet yourself, soap yourself, and then rinse off. You will need flipflops or beach shoes to wear on your feet, soap, flannel and towel(s). If we do not have enough hot water we will teach you how to heat water over a wood fire. This is included in the price for camping.

        The second option is the luxury one, but has to be charged for. This is a Joolca camping shower (see their advert on their website). This is owned by one of our campers, and so he will set the price, and number of users.

       The other option is to rent a holiday cottage. Google: holiday cottages, Llanfair Clydogau. Some are within a mile or so of us.

Late registration- After 11th May some prices go up.

  • Camping £100 per family.
  • Off site. £90 per family.
  • Meals. Prices to be announced shortly.
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Further information

Meals- Our caterers are Alvin and Louise McQueen, who are very experienced, so consider buying meals on site. It will save you time. Otherwise cook your own meals with your own equipment.

Please ring our Hosts Gerard or Shirley if you need any more information. Tel:01570 493170 or 07907599098